Best moments in fashion – The pandemic that changed the fashion industry

2020 has been quite a tiresome year for everyone. Although it was a tough year for the fashion industry, there were some good things in it to shine through the bad moments. we will discuss the positive outcomes that have come out of the pandemic for the fashion industry – it’s not all bad, keep your heads up!

Donations from brands

Brands and companies, large and small, have taken a step towards stopping the spread of Covid-19 and even helping in finding vaccinations. Brands such as Gucci, Prada, Mayhoola and so many others, have donated masks, money, or both to the cause.

Celebrity and Influencer Contributions

Not just brands, but celebrities and other influencers in the fashion industry have helped to spread awareness of the pandemic and its severity and even have hosted campaigns to raise money for fighting the virus and increasing PPE production.

Bringing the community together (not physically!)

The pandemic has brought the community within the fashion industry so much closer, as brands, influencers, celebrities, and small creators have worked together to donate and create masks or even PPE equipment in hopes of helping society.

Changing future fashion

Many have wondered how the pandemic will permanently alter the fashion industry – will there be more online fashion shows/events? Will more clothing be sold online? Will masks become more popular on a global scale? Face masks have already become the new norm in fashion, with brands even taking it a step further to create luxury, high-end, and innovative face masks for self-expression!

It has even been suggested that during this time of lockdown, many brands have had the opportunity to consider their methods and morals to clothing – opting to go down a more ethical and sustainable route.  There has also been question about fast fashion and where it will stand post pandemic.

Overall, the pandemic this year has caused a lot of chaos in the fashion industry, but there has also been a lot of good to come out of it – the fashion industry is currently more innovative, sustainable, ethical, and forward thinking than ever!

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Written by: Kylie Lenartowicz

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