Avoidable Fashion Trends For Short Girls

Written by: Shayan Ahmed

As a short girl, you are most likely blessed with a younger look than taller girls of the same age.  People have probably told you how cute you are all your life and are constantly surprised when they learn your age. Meanwhile, you must be more selective when it comes to what you wear.  But why? A petite woman has a small frame, so she can easily be overwhelmed by her clothes. Additionally, most petite women have a shorter neck, a shorter torso, and shorter legs.  The petite clothes you wear play a crucial role in creating the illusion of height and improving your proportion. 

In this article, we will cover up the top mistakes short women make in their wardrobes.

1. Chunky knits:

We know how cute and cozy Chunky knits look, but if you are short, it will add unnecessarily bulk and remove your flattering curves. Instead, opt for thin layers! However, if you still want to wear those chunky sweaters, you can remove the bulkiness by showing skin. For example: pull up the sleeves, or get those that are cropped. Also, you can tuck some of the fabric in to show your waistline. 

2. Oversized Totes:

Unfortunately, oversized totes are not a short girl’s best friend! Because if someone sees you on the street or workplace they will notice the tote first which is ironically huge and makes you look even smaller. Instead, you can opt for smaller handbags that won’t overwhelm you. However, if you have too many things that you can’t fit into a small handbag, then let that oversized bag blend with your outfit. 

3. Low rise jeans:

If you want to look taller, or just have longer-looking legs, then we don’t recommend low rise for you! Because low-rise jeans will create that illusion that lengthens the torso, as a result, your legs look shorter. Instead, opt for high rise. However, if you are not a fan of high-rise for any reason then stick with mid-rise. 

These were our top 3 trends that short girls have to be more careful about. All trends can be adapted because it is your style, so make it fun and feel confident. Also, always remember that trends always should be a trend for your style and your taste. Never feel forced to wear a trend just because it is a “trend”.

Let us know in the comments, as a short person what is the biggest challenge that you face while shopping? Also, what is your favorite trend that makes you feel more confident as a short girl?

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