6 Ideas to wear the Pantone 2022 color – “Very Peri”

Written by: Haransh Saini

Bidding our byes to a hard and challenging year and welcoming the new year brought with it a fresh wave of creativity, newness, and a landscape full of possibilities ahead.

And with looks making it to the streets and ending on the list of trends of 2022, Pantone’s release of this year’s colour ‘Very Peri’ PANTONE 17-3938 makes sure we don’t miss the joyfulness and the creative softness this colour brings with it.

According to Pantone, this innovative hue is the symbol of the global zeitgeist of the moment and the transition we are going through. 

Are you as excited to hop into trying this colour as we are? If yes, scroll through as we share a few very peri looks you could take inspiration from. 

1. Twinning and Winning

 The easiest and safest way to wear this bright and vibrant colour would be to pick a sweatsuit set. While it is quite a basic and no-brainer way, you will turn heads by standing out in the crowd! To be honest, Laureen has embraced this colour like it’s the new black. We would highly recommend you check out her page to get some tips on how to wear this colour in a trend-savvy way!

2. Complementary pairing 

Another way to wear it would be by pairing it with colours that could complement it together as Camille Co did. To be more specific blues, pinks, violets majorly the shades, tones, and tints of reds and blues. Also, if you are not very sure about the colour and don’t want to go all out then choosing the bottom or the top in the very peri colour can be a promising idea.

3. Dressy and Embellished   

It is no surprise that Amiee song made it to this list. Song is one influencer who is constantly upgrading herself with the top trends. We love how she goes over the top to incorporate the colour wearing this dressy number paired with feather embellished squared toe heels.

4. Cute & Casual 

While first, we had an example of incorporating the colour in the bottom, Katie Cung shows how to wear it in a cute, casual, and chic way through this front knot shirt.

5. Balance with a strong punch 

Valeria also goes all out in this monochrome vibe, but we like how the play of textures on the top and bottom yet keeping the colour the same adds drama and definition. Also, adding a solid punch of white as the accessory in the purse breaks the tonal look quite well.

6. Peek through

If you don’t like going on-board or overboard but just want to experiment with the colour first, then finding pieces that have a small hint or are partly covered with the very peri colour would be a clever option to try out. Luna has shown exactly how it can be done. 

So these are a few ways we would suggest incorporating the colour of the year in your wardrobes. We will be trying the complementary pairing and the sweatsuit looks first.

Which style would you be trying? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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