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Written By: Muskan Shah

With snow right around the corner, it’s time to start building your winter wardrobe. If you’re gonna freeze, might as well do it with style. So to help you have the perfect winter wardrobe, we’ve listed down the most essential clothing for you to own this winter. This winter, let’s not be walking blanket burritos!

1. Puffer Jackets

Easily one of the most important outerpieces of the season, puffer jackets are proof that you can definitely wear your summer outfits in the winter as long as you style them with a warm puffy coat. Puffer jackets are the easiest way to bundle up without looking like Joey from when he wears all of Chandler’s clothes. 

2. Leather Jackets

The best way to step up an otherwise basic outfit is a leather jacket, and it keeps you warm.  It’s the perfect all-around choice of outerwear. It’s unique style and texture is a combination that simply cannot be found elsewhere. Layer with button ups, hoodies, camis and turtlenecks (but remember to always have the leather jacket as the outermost layer). You can pair it with pants, jeans, skirts, and leggings. The possibilities are endless. 

3. Tall Boots 

The classic knee high boots that may never fail the test of time, should be a staple winter piece in everybody’s wardrobes. They manage to provide warmth during the winters while also being super chic and surprisingly versatile. You could wear them to work, parties, a girls night out and much more. Play with different textures and patterns to make a statement. A little snakeskin could never hurt (Vegan obviously!).

4. Tote bags

You know that saying; ‘the bigger the better’. Well, this winter that goes for your bags as well. Although little shoulder bags are cute and aesthetic, tote bags make much more sense in winters. You’re definitely gonna be carrying more stuff like gloves, hats and scarves. So for winter, ditch your multiple carrying vessels for an extra-large tote that can handle your laptop, an extra pair of shoes, and so much more. Change it up with puffer bags or faux fur bags for that extra oomph!

5. Knitwear 

Knit it up this season! Whether you’re a turtleneck-under-a-blazer kind of person or a cable knit sweater kind of person, or a crochet knit kind of person, the beauty of knitwear forever remains in the many options it has to offer. Want to wear dresses in winter? Get yourself a knit dress and pair it up with a good puffer coat, wear some nice long boots and carry a matching tote bag. And there you go! You have a winter essential outfit on your hands. 

Which one of these essentials will you be flaunting this winter? Let us know in the comments below.