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Written By: Jade Florendo

The chill in the air can only mean that winter is coming very soon! With the drop of temperatures, comes new styles of fashionable winter boots to rave about. The hottest styles this winter have new silhouettes with some aspects that are reminiscent of the previous season trends. If you’re looking for the perfect pair of boots to complement your winter wardrobe, we have the list of potential styles that you may like.

So here are some winter boots to update your style and refresh your wardrobe

Knee-high leather boots

Knee-high leather boots are a classic for winter – although we haven’t seen much of it in a while it’s finally come back to become the next big trend for winter 2021. Knee-high leather boots have a luxurious appeal to it, and can be perfectly paired with minimalistic casual outfits. 

Combat Boots

Combat boots are a staple for fashionistas who value functionality and comfort. Combat boots have been in the spotlight for a very long time, and it’s once again coming back for the season. The styles for this season are much more varied, no more basic combat boots that almost everyone seems to have. This season, look for styles like ankle combats to knee-high to pastel coloured boots.

Chunkier Boots

Chunky boots were all the rage last winter and spring. This winter, chunky boots are even chunkier! Everyone seems to love a bigger and wider sole – it’s the perfect fashion statement for winter. These boots are perfect for bold fashionistas, who love to steal the attention. 

Kitten Heel Boots

Another style that we also haven’t seen lately, are kitten heel boots. It seemed like kitten heels had a long break since the early 2000’s. Even though it’s seen as a questionable trend by many, kitten heels still give you that chic and romantic feminine appeal. It best compliments skirts and dresses.

Apre-ski boots

“Apre-ski” is French which means after-skiing in English. If you love the winter outdoors, you’ll be ecstatic to hear that apre-ski boots are the new trend for winter! You don’t have to opt for boring snow boots anymore, and you don’t have to sacrifice your style for these boots. This new boot trend is perfect for winter activities – it’s stylish, comfortable and functional.

Which one of these will you be sporting this winter? Let us know in the comments below!