Toronto Fashion: Power Of My People

For┬áthis week’s Toronto Fashion segment, we are featuring POMP (Power of my People). A brand for capsule wardrobe needs for both women and men, co-founded by Jessica Matthew and Kyle Kozma based in New Westminster, Canada in 2015.

All their shirts are made by skillful technicians based in Richmond, Canada. The shirts are one of the best when it comes to construction and fabric, with high cost per wear. A shirt that never goes out of style and can be matched with possibly anything in your wardrobe for a long time.

Their fabrics are sourced from various parts of France, Australia and The United States.

The brand promises the utmost sustainable and ethical source of fabric and process of production.

In today’s day and age, where the world is facing severe climatic crisis, it’s our duty as a community to adapt to slow fashion as a part of our lifestyle. By shopping locally, you too are reducing your carbon footprint and helping small businesses grow.

Want to shop for their amazing shirts?

Facebook: Power Of My People

Instagram: @powerofmypeople


Written by: Kannan Kapadia

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