Toronto Fashion Featuring : Vitaly

Written By: Muskan Shah

Based in Toronto, Vitaly is an experimental design studio, who specialize in jewelry made of 100% recycled stainless steel. Established in 2011, it took inspiration from robotics, AI and industrial manufacturing to create stunning, bold and genderless pieces. 

Their designs are stunning and definitely statement pieces. All their products are rust free, tarnish free and will never turn your skin green.

As steel is the most recycled material on the planet, it may be possible that every piece by Vitaly contains scraps from skyscrapers, bridges or automotive parts. 

On that note, we want to make some recommendations on what to buy when shopping at Vitaly:


The trespass pendant has a unique design with an asymmetrical lock which puts a spin on the well worn lock design. It is unbelievably sleek and could step your outfit up to a 100. 


The proxy ring originally inspired by bionic enhancements might just be the coolest ring you own. It’s knuckle hinges allow the ring to mirror the movements of your finger and makes it absolutely easy to function. 


The Machina ear cuffs are the answer to your non-pierced ears. 

These sleek cuffs are secured by a screw pin mechanism and can be worn either at the top or the bottom of your ear. They’re absolutely a must have in your collection.


The zenith bracelet is made of refined solid links with an almost dainty yet powerful design. It is perfect for a contemporary aesthetic and stuck up like a dream with any of your other bracelets. 


The Glitch pendant is inspired by digital artifacts and pixelation. This incredibly cool and stunning design makes it look aesthetic and eye-catching. The marble is a changeable part of the necklace and can be changed to a black marble or an iridescent polyurethane. It would be a shame to not have it in your collection. 

There you have it! Our recommendations from Vitaly. For more such amazing designs visit their website and let us know in the comments what you liked the most.

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