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Written by: Jade Florendo

Tiktok has already set the place as the go-to for fashion inspiration during the pandemic. The fashion trends from the platform have boomed and continue to grow. While last year’s TikTok fashion consists of excessive accessories and bolder styles. This year’s fall fashion seems to be leaning more towards classic styles. Here are some of the few examples of trending fashion on Toktok:

Cycling Sunglasses

Tiktok is all about showing the most outrageous fashion styles, such as cycling sunglasses. These sunglasses had its limelight back in the 80s. The rendition of these glasses can be worn not just with sporty outfits, but also casual or sleek outfits. Today tiktokers prefer to pair them with a sleek leather blazer or with a bomber jacket. 

Work Pants 

Work pants are not only for working anymore. These types of pants are a long time classic. They can be worn casual or formal, and can be paired with almost any top.       

Graphic Printed Pieces 

Graphic Printed Pieces are quickly becoming a fashion favourite, especially among the younger crowd. A mix of nostalgic 90’s and 00’s graphics are the hottest patterns right now!

Cowboy Boots

You never thought you’d see this again, but cowboy boots seem to be the new cool thing among Gen Zs. Today they come in all sorts of styles, colour, and patterns – such as; chic, funky, or modern.

Short Sets 

Short sets are a comfy choice for summer to fall transition wear. They’re a cross between shorts, and sweatpants so you’ll be feeling cozy and comfy as the weather gets colder. Short sets come in a lot of styles, colour and patterns that you will definitely love. 

Which of these trends will you be trying this fall? Let us know in the comments below!