Theme of the Week: All Things Neon

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Written by: Jade Florendo

This summer, pop of neon colours are all the rage right now in clothing, makeup, accessories, and jewellery too. Bold and bright, the neon trend is for fashionistas who love to stand out from the crowd and is perfect to make a statement.

Want to wear neon? Here are some ways you can incorporate neon in your personal style.

Neon Makeup

A way to level up your makeup game is by applying a simple neon eyeliner or neon eyeshadow to the inner corners of your eye. Do not overkill your look by applying different shades of neon. Instead, stick with one and this can give you that playful and also minimalistic look at the same time. 

Neon Nails

Neutral and pastel nails were the trend last season. While they were a bit more subtle, this summer’s nail trend is on the adventurous side, so get ready to stand out. Popular neon colours in lime, yellow, and pink are what you need to keep an eye out for. If you want a more subtle nail style, you can apply neon polish in a French nail manicure style.

Neon Coloured Jewellery

If you don’t want to commit to neon clothing pieces, you can opt for neon jewellery instead. Neon acrylic rings and beaded necklaces are super popular at the moment. You can pair these with neutral clothing pieces to really highlight your statement jewellery.

Neon Shoes

Whether you pick heels, sandals or sneakers, a pop of neon-coloured shoes are becoming popular this summer. It’s best to pair your shoes with neutral-toned clothing, so the colours don’t clash. Popular colours include lime green and yellow. 

Neon Pants

Wearing neon pants, is a daunting thought for many. It’s bold and colourful for anyone to not notice. However, fashion icons such as Hailey Bieber and a few fashion influencers are popularizing neon pants for this summer, and many fans love it. Athleisure style pants are the best in neon, since it’s comfortable and casual.  You can pair your neon pants with a simple tee or a crop top and just make sure the colours don’t clash.

Will you be wearing neon this summer? How will you be styling your neon outfits?

Let us know in the comments below. 

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