Written by: Haransh Saini

As we finally enter a whole new fall season, we are so sure you all must be anticipating which outfits to wear, right? To be honest, while we know no matter how much you shop, it’s never enough! 

But, having a capsule wardrobe is one thing we are all firm believers of! It makes life so much easier and smoother. A capsule wardrobe is all about investing in those key pieces which are versatile yet functional. And we know, sometimes it could hurt the pocket a bit. But, you will be shocked how much wear you can get out of it! So, without further ranting, we will get straight to it!

1. White Button-down

We just can’t emphasize enough how important a crisp white shirt is in the wardrobe. 

And when we say crisp, we also refer to the quality and the fit! The fit is a must, and you can style the white button-down in a gazillion ways.

2.  Jeans

Similar to a shirt, where quality and fit are key, a pair of jeans also have the same criteria. Be it blue or black, it can always go round the clock if it’s good quality and comfortable.

3. Sweaters

Sweaters are like your everyday tees for fall. With a pair of jeans, under a coat or with a skirt, it works with everything. 

4. Turtlenecks

Fall = Turtlenecks 

Don’t you agree with us? It’s a skinny inner which is super versatile and looks good with anything! Be it under a white shirt or over a dress

5. Coat

A long coat that is 1-2 sizes bigger should be the aim! You must be wondering why we are suggesting bigger sizes while we have been talking all about fit, right? This is because layering is key for fall. You would be wearing at least 2-3 layers in some cases, so that’s where the bigger size comes in handy.

6. Boots

Fall would be incomplete without a pair of boots. We would recommend you take two pairs – one ankle length and one knee-length because boots will be your most used pair throughout the fall. For colours, we recommend going for black and tan. We wouldn’t suggest white as they get dirty way too soon!

7. Blazer

We love a good blazer. Be it long and structured or boxy it can be your best friend for doing a quick transitional look.

8. Cardigan

Tired of a long coat and need something easy to slip on? Well, a cozy cardigan it is! Add as many layers as possible underneath and seal it away with a loose and cozy cardigan! Trust us, this trick always works.

9. Midi dress

This is for when you want to take a break from the usual jean fits and jazz things up a bit.

We aren’t going to recommend a dazzled and shimmery dress. Instead, we are referring to a dress that’s plain and minimal yet accentuates the waist. Cause if the dress is a good fit, it automatically makes you look appealing.

10. Scarves

Scarves are the go-to accessory for fall.  Just wrap it around to give a final touch once you are done with your outfit. You will look stylish and also feel cozy enough.

So, here are a few pieces that can easily make up your capsule wardrobe all set for the season. The list can be as lavish as you want it to be, by continuously adding in pieces. However, these are a few pieces that make the foundation of a fall capsule wardrobe for us. 

Which are the pieces that are already in your wardrobe from the above list? 

Let us know in the comments section below.