Skincare Swaps To Keep Your Skin Hydrated and Glowing This Fall

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Written by: Rachel Paterson

As we transition from warm sunny days to cooler crisp days, we must remember to transition our skincare accordingly. As temperatures and humidity drop, our skin starts to feel the effects. This is why when the cooler seasons arrive; our skin becomes dryer, flakier, and duller. Below we have listed 3 product swaps you can make to reduce the effects of autumn weather and have your skin glowing all year long. 

Cleanser Swap

To soothe the negative seasonal effects on your skin, hydration is critical. That is why the first swap is switching your foaming cleaner to a hydrating one. Your skin naturally produces less oil in the cooler months, so foaming cleansers that help control moisture are a no-go. Instead of giving your skin that perfect complexion that it does in the summer, it leaves your skin dehydrated and dull by stripping all of the oils from your face. This fall, make the switch to a hydrating cleanser like the one listed below that is more gentle on your skin and will leave your skin glowing. 

Moisturizer Swap

Keeping your skin soft and radiant in the summer with light moisturizers is no problem, but come the fall season, you can’t rely on a lightweight lotion of tinted moisturizer to do the job. To help protect your skin from the harsh climate here in Canada, opt for a rich, creamy moisturizer like First Aid Beauty’s ‘Ultra Repair Cream.’ Your skin will thank you.

Lip Balm Swap

We can’t forget about our lips! A quick swipe of your favourite flavoured lip balm is not going to do it once the temperatures begin to drop. This fall season, swap out your tinted lip balm for a vaseline-based lip balm to keep your lips soft and supple.

A good rule of thumb for when you should start making these skincare swaps is when you start grabbing your fall jacket. If your arms need the extra layer of protection, so does your face!

What skincare swaps do you make when the leaves begin to change? Let us know in the comments below, or show us by tagging us on Instagram @infusehumber.