Lockdown freedom

Another odd trend this season, huh? The one-piece snowsuits you’ve probably given as a kid. Now it’s different, snowsuits are back in style as people and celebrities hit the slopes for some socially distanced adventure, they brought to life one of the trendiest items in the 50s.

They’re in short supply because they’re so famous. However, stores like Amazon and Backcountry still might have some.

Sophie Turner (in the North Face) and Winnie Harlow (in Moncler) and Kylie Jenner (in Chanel) all dressed their best winter in snowy areas since there is nowhere else to go.

Brands like Dior, Valentino, etc have also been catching up on the trend and started lunching some cool snowsuits.

Ice skating day out

As a result of the pandemic, people spend more time outdoors, whether they’re skiing, hiking in nature, or going for long walks in the area. And when outdoor socializing was a thing, it was important to dress as if on the slopes for a day rather than a simple lap around the park with a bottle of coffee.

When the idea of ice skating was just for fun and feel comfy, now people taking it as a chance to wear their fashionable outfits and show off on the ice ring rather than just hanging them into their closets

Who said wearing sequins pants can not be a thing?
Simple legging and a puffer will look just perfect
Formal pants on an ice ring?!?! Why not!

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Written by: Jodi Al Hayek