Layer, on top of layer, all bundled up who’s the warmest of them all? You.

“When will this cold weather be over?” you might be asking. Well sorry fellow fashionistas, but by the looks of it, I don’t think the groundhog is waking up from his nap any time soon. For those of you who are not suffering from freezing temperatures, you are oh so very lucky – now get off your phone and enjoy the sunshine and spring/summer weather wherever you are!

For those of us who are not very fortunate to be living in a warm climate or to be on vacation at this very moment, we need to think of other ways to keep ourselves warm and also look cute while doing so, and the key is layering! When it comes to layering, there are endless possibilities! The best part about it is that even though it may not be feeling like spring, you can still style your spring/summer pieces by layering – whether it’s a dress or skirt with a knit sweater, blouses, or bandeaus. It’s an easy and simple way to keep warm and look oh so fashionable! 

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BY: Rizwana