Here are 5 cool shoe trends for Fall 2021 that you won’t want to miss!

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Written By: Shayan Ahmed

As we step into the fall season, we are helping you to prepare your fall season shopping list, starting with the most trending fall shoes to wear. From Clogs to Slouchy Boots, there are so many stylish shoes you can expect this season.  Feel free to take a look at all the styles below to get inspired, or maybe snag a few of these similar trends to add to your footwear collection. 

  1. Clogs

If you are familiar with trends in the 1970’s you will likely know clog shoes and just how popular they were. Today, they are making their way back. The wooden clog remains essential for fall. Whether you go for flats or something with a higher heel, they’re still super trendy. Also, this piece pairs well with leggings or straight-leg jeans for an adorable and casual look. 

2. Platforms

Platforms made their way onto runways this spring as more comfortable alternatives to stilettos. The platform returns for fall too. You can wear them if you’re looking for an impactful way to add height under a dress or with long cuffed jeans.

3. Fuzzy Slippers

Slippers now are more trendy, but try to be more selective about your choice. When looking for a furry slipper that is suited for the outdoors, make sure the soles are strong. It is better to have a wooden or leather sole than something soft because they are more durable and meant to stand up against the pavement. Another way to wear your slippers is to pair them with a polished dress or peek out beneath an oversized suit. That way it does not look like you are wearing your indoor slippers outdoors!

4. Retro Sneakers

No fall wardrobe is complete without these Retro style sneakers.  A more elegant feel while still being sporty is achieved with their narrow design and lighter weight. It is better to pair them with some no-show socks.

5. Slouchy Boots

Although this style has been around for a few years, we love it as a textured staple in a monochromatic look. Moreover, it’s so easy to pair with leggings. Fashion experts Gabriella Hearst and Khaite think slouchy tall boots are the way to go this season.

These trends were mostly inspired by the 1970s, and they’ve made a comeback in the last few years, and they’re still trending! We can always add or subtract something or wear our clothes differently to keep all of these styles fresh and alive. 

What trend caught your attention the most? Let us know in the comments below!