DIY Trends To Try Out Now

Written by: Gaurika Gupta

Don’t we all love following the most famous trends in season? This time, we’re talking all about DIY. From buying vintage clothing to putting our creative side to take over and create something of our own that we can treasure for seasons to come. Not just in fashion, but also in beauty, art, craft, decor and many more. DIY ideas are everywhere and it’s something that can turn a simple essential into a one-of-a-kind statement piece. 

Below are some of the DIY ideas you can try this week!  

1. Tie and Dye T-shirt

Most of us love flaunting a tie-and-dye t-shirt in this season and you know what, you can create your own tie-and-dye t-shirts at home with your choice of colours. All you need is a 100% natural fibre solid white t-shirt. Next, wash your t-shirt before dyeing, then choose your pre-wash i.e the colour you would like to see on your tee. We suggest using the ‘Tulip one-step tie-dye kit’. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require much preparation. You can do any tie pattern you like and then just apply colours to it. And voila, your t-shirt is ready!

This is our fashion student Erika who did a tie-and-dye t-shirt at home, which we feel looks pretty cool!

2. Cute Decor

To make your house look more special, you can have little pieces of details like some custom pillows or photo tiles. You don’t have to add complicated decor but just simple wall art on canvas like stripes or polka dots and then hang them to create a chic gallery wall. Check out Pinterest for cute DIY decor to get inspired. 

Fashionable retro armchair between two wooden cribs in cute twins nursery

3. Washi Tape Art

If you like adding a little colour to your room, you are going to love this. You can use washi tape stripes on the wall to create a textured look. It’s a fun pattern for the season. 

Patterned bags with toys next to the pillow on pink pouf and toys on the ladder in cozy kid’s room with posters on the wall

4. Homemade Scrub

Did you know you can use kiwi as a scrub? Well yes, you can just mash the kiwi and use it as a scrub on your face. The seeds in the kiwi act like an exfoliator and the pulp as the cleanser. You can also try this out with fresh strawberries. 

Avocado scrub

5. DIY Hair Mask

You are gonna love this one, girl! Are you tired of thinking about how you can treat your dry hair? Well, try applying mashed banana and honey to your hair and keep it for 15-20 minutes. The banana has antimicrobial properties that can heal a flaky and dry scalp and helps with dandruff too. 

DIY mashed banana and honey hair mask

Interesting ideas right? Which one will you be trying? Let us know in the comments below!