Decoding 4 of the best Bad Girl Riri street style looks


The talk of the town – It’s Riri from the Billionaire club! We are all aware that Riri is the newfound billionaire, stealing the limelight whenever she is out on the streets. But we won’t blame the paparazzi for flashing all the light on her for quite some time now. 

Well, OF COURSE, she has to be the centre of attraction because she has just joined ‘The Billionaire Club’. But this fancy title isn’t solely responsible for Riri covering the front pages of the biggest fashion magazines or websites. She has been serving some “REAL” street style looks repeatedly! She isn’t the sort to wear a trend, but she creates trends with her personality and sense of style. It’s a mix of everything you won’t think of in the first go. We feel her mood and fashion choices go hand in hand. She could play safe or even go all out if she likes. 

Below, we will be taking you through 4 of her recent looks spotted on the streets:

We’re starting off with the first look that caught our eyes the most! The queen wore a mini leather skirt with a hoodie cropped in the front and all trailed at the back. Now that’s the sort of drama we can expect from her. For her, it is  as casual as a pair of jeans and a shirt outfit because she owns it. The pointy thigh slits show off her curves very well and the larger-than-life rings steal the show. She ended the look with the perfect swoosh of red lipstick. Also don’t miss her bigger, the better shades. You must be thinking who wears shades at night, right? But if it makes sense to her then it must make sense to the world.

This second look could be quite overwhelming to many of us. To us, we can visualize it as the sexy lady out on the streets looking all polished. But she keeps it chic enough with her oversized jacket falling halfway down. The shoes are no doubt the hero of this outfit that take up all the attention instantly.

If you’re wondering who goes grocery shopping looking like that? Well, Rihanna does! She flaunts a vacay vibe on top with her fancy printed shirt and retro shades while decked up with her heels. When we saw this outfit, we felt that she was ready to be on a glamorous vacation or a fancy lunch date too along with a visit to the grocery store.

Out and about in bright pops and flashy prints, this ensemble definitely stole the limelight for a long time. All thanks to her loud choice of colours made slightly subtle with a pair of jeans. Starting with the graphic tank top that she paired with straight yet skinny fit jeans and her classic pumps that completes the whole look. The accents added to the ensemble were quite in sync. The bucket hat, shades, belt and even her long and swaying necklace were from the same colour family. Finally, adding the Bottega pouch to balance it all.

Which look according to you was the one you could maybe think of trying? For us it was look 1. Let us know yours in the comment section below.