Written by: Haransh Saini

With the restrictions lifted and everything on the road to opening, colleges and universities are next in line.  To be honest, we do not know whether we should be excited to be back or sad about waking up just in time for online lectures or having the freedom to sit in front of the laptop screen as and how we wished, without having to bother about our appearance. Another level of concern arises from the snowstorms which have not ended yet! The early morning classes are going to be a true struggle and sorry to say, but we are not prepared for it right now.

But it is what it is, so here is a list to prepare us all to head back to the life which was once termed as ‘normal.’ 

Scroll through to know the must-haves in this ‘Back to Campus Edition.’


We know this is an absolute no-brainer, but we cannot emphasise how important it is to choose the right, spacious backpack, especially during winters. The reason is that more than your study stuff, the gloves, water bottle, beanie, scarf, coffee/tea tumbler can take up all the space. So having a backpack that has enough space to fit in all is an absolute must-have! 

Snow resistant boots 

The saviours on a snowstorm day and an absolute must-have in the back-to-campus edition. They might not be the most fashion-forward, but they will be your best friends when you have to walk in the mountains of snow unless your bus drops you right outside the campus which will be a rare scenario!  

Earmuffs & Beanie 

Two accessories whose importance cannot be emphasised enough. Being well-covered can involve putting over a lot which can be a bit too much and tiring for sure. But it is better than freezing and ending up getting sick, right? 


Believe it or not you will be needing this to withstand the dreadful and awfully cold winter winds. We know this can look a bit too over the top but f.y.i  balaclavas are in fashion right now. So you could take a chance on this and trust us.


Another important accessory is a giant, warm, massive woollen scarf and not just any other scarf. The purpose here is not to only wrap it around like an accessory but for the scarf to provide warmth essentially.


You must have a pair of gloves but not just any gloves. You need cosy ones that provide a good amount of heat, and most importantly that are touch-sensitive. If you’re someone who is constantly tapping buses that is another struggle altogether so being touch operative is a MUST. We highly recommend these Athleta ones  below that are touchscreen compatible.  


Basic denim jeans are quite the quintessential but we feel leggings or jeggings that have fur in them are a more mobile and practical choice to make because when the chilly winds swift pass it’s a seriously deadly feeling! We highly recommend the brand ‘JUST COZY’. It is a tried and tested recommendation, and we can fully vouch for their extremely warm ‘feels like a blanket’ leggings! Not only are the leggings worth the purchase but you can also have a look at their beautiful range of snuggly scarves that scream comfort and warmth. 


A thick coat can be your best friend to fight the winter winds not only this season but for many seasons to pass. Buying a long length jacket to cover most of the body is advisable.

Puffer jacket 

Along with a coat, having a puffer jacket will add some options to your winter wardrobe. Just like the coat, the puffer should be premium quality. This Aritzia one below is water-repellent, warm, has pockets for functionality, and is made of wind-resistant fabric hence nodding a yes for a worthy, durable, and lifelong purchase. 

Cable-Knit Sweaters

Not just any sweater but we are suggesting cable knits because they keep you warm. Half of our closet is packed with these. And with H&M offering such varied options to choose from, we are sure you won’t get bored of these easily and manage to get maximum wear out of them for your college days.    

Shoes (inside campus) 

The heavy snow boots could be a tiresome and not-so-friendly option to walk around in the campus. We suggest having a pair of basic black Chelsea boots in your backpack that you can hop in as you enter the campus. This is another reason we emphasised so much on a spacious backpack.

 If you do not opt for the snow boots and are comfortable with your regular boots, then instead of going for  ankle-length go for knee-length like the one below from Hunter  so they at least cover a major portion of your leg.

So, these are some of the key essentials we feel fit in the back to campus guide and hope that it will be a useful read.

We also wish you all the luck for the new routines you will all find yourselves in soon and hope that it won’t be too overwhelming to handle!

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