All Things Cottage Core

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Written by: Jade Florendo

If you’ve been spending a lot of time scrolling through Instagram and TikTok, you’re probably familiar with the cottage core fashion that is gaining a lot of popularity among young social media users. Cottage core had its beginning in 2010,  which was popularized by young adults and teenagers, by 2018 it received the name cottage core. Cottage core fashion look revolves around what you would imagine living in a cottage – dainty dresses, flower prints, vintage shoes and accessories. 

If you want to achieve the look, here are the pieces you should look for.

Peasant Blouse

Peasant Blouse has a dainty and vintage look to it, that can instantly give you that cottage core look. Today many comes with different patterns, and styles, so there are a lot to choose from.

Pinafore Dresses

Pinafore dress is sleeveless and is meant to be worn as a layer over a blouse, is it known as a jumper or a jumpsuit. Pinafore comes in a variety of patterns and fabric, the best ones that channels the cottage core aesthetic is a corduroy fabric – it’s classic, simple and versatile.

Maxi Dress

Long, flowy, and dainty maxi dresses are definitely a staple for cottage core aesthetics. Pastel coloured maxi dress and mini floral patterns are the best if you want to achieve the look. 

Nature Inspired Jewelry

Simplicity,  and getting in touch with nature is the essence of cottage core. So when it comes to jewelry, nature inspired pieces are the best pair for your outfit. Pressed flower jewelry pieces are extremely popular for this type of style.

Vintage Shoes

When it comes to shoes to pair, any vintage shoes would do. Mary Jane shoes, oxfords, flats and other vintage shoes are classic to pair with cottage core aesthetic. If you want to achieve the modern look,  tennis shoes can be matched perfectly with a cottage core inspired outfit. Choose a plain white or soft pastel coloured tennis shoes.

We’re in love with these pieces already! What do you think of the trend? Let us know about your favourite cottage core essentials in the comments below.