Accessory and Jewellery Trends Fall 2021 Winter 2022

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Written By: Shayan Ahmed

2021 was no doubt the year that waist-up dressing began to become more prevalent, so it is not surprising that popular jewelry trends in 2021-2022 focused greatly on what would appear on a Zoom screen. Designers favored cascading jewelry and drippy stones. Pearls were in, and silver took the lead from gold tones. The current trend also includes head accessories such as hats, scarves, and headbands. Hard to believe, we know!

Balaclava Hat

Balaclavas are knitted hats that you pull over your whole head, with an opening for your eyes. As you know, these hats were once worn only by bank thieves and outdoor sportsmen. However, now they’re cuddlier, friendlier, and much cuter — more of a fashion statement than a utility item. Balaclava is now one of the biggest trends in the accessory category! It might be shocking, but this piece was all over the runway. So many brands had this including Moschino, Balmain, and Miu Miu. 

Head Scarves

Silk head scarves have become hugely popular among celebrities, influencers, and the Internet as a whole. There are entire TikTok trends dedicated to the accessory. You can never go wrong with silk head scarves, whether it’s to look luxurious or to conceal a bad hair day, you can wear them whenever you please. That’s why headscarves have remained a staple: they’re flexible and as creative as you want to make them. 

We see this trend in so many fashion shows, and especially with retro prints on them. For example Maxi Mara, Dior and more. Also, Versace put their new monogram prints on them.


In the world of fashion, pearls are a sophisticated and classy jewel that makes an elegant and fashionable look. As Jackie O stated, “Pearls are always appropriate,” and that seems to be a statement that many designers agreed with this season. From Stacey Bendet at Alice and Olivia using them in headbands to Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana creating hefty pearl necklaces.


You have seen a lot of these puffy big headbands that Prada introduced a few years ago, they are now back in fashion. Actually, you might see a lot of them in various stores these days. Some of them come in rhinestones – Chanel had these rhinestone headbands with two extensions that look like earrings. Also, some of them came with pearls as we mentioned before. 

Chunky Chains

Chunky chains proved that they are here to stay for all of fall 2021/ winter 2022. We see chains everywhere – On purses, on the neck, bracelets and earrings. Usually, the chains are not very big and not too thin either, just a nice balance. Also, they use chains as straps too – like how Rokh did – Another way of putting it is to add a body chain to your outfits, like the ones from Dolce and Gabbana.

Mask Mania

I know we might all be tired of wearing masks, but it’s still helping in decreasing COVID-19 from spreading and can still be somewhat fashionable. Although some masks in fall and winter were the usual ones that many of us have been wearing, in the newest collection Marine Serre and Rick Owens thought that incorporating flowing and scarf-like masks would be far more dramatic. 

Floral Additions

Who doesn’t adore flowers, even in the fall and winter? Whether it’s floral belts at Peter Do or golden flower brooches at Schiaparelli or beaded earrings at Prabal Gurung and Simone Rocha, floral detailing proved to be a touch of optimism and a look of hope for the fall.

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