10 interesting ways to wear Oversized Sweaters

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Written By: Haransh Saini

Cooler months are always incomplete without sweaters, isn’t it? With so many options in store, we are always drawn towards the oversized ones a little too much. It’s because, they keep you warm, cozy and give the perfect snuggles which is all you need on a cold winter morning. If you also relate to us and want to know how to style this oversized sweater trend (which we are sure will be here for a while), scroll through and choose your top picks!

1. A True Classic

Such a clean and polished look by Anouk. What we like about this look is that it’s so effortless. It’s a no brainer look which can be of help when you are running out of ideas! And that’s what classic looks are for.

2. Tucked In

If you are in no mood for jeans, trying your sweater with a pair of straight leg trousers just like this one that Hannah is wearing, is a great option. Tucking it in and using a belt makes sure to accentuate your figure just at the right places.

3. Here To Relax

Don’t feel like dressing at all ?  Hop into your basic leggings and use accessories like a bucket hat like Tara, to add a fun element and you are good to hit the road! We are saving this look for our lazy days.

4. Layer It Over

Using a shirt beneath a sweater, is a smart way to add depth and definition. And Aimee never fails to impress us with her looks!

5. Quick coffee run

Another look by Hannah, who is always keeping it chic and manages to make a statement. We are loving how she has balanced the two colours so well. A trick we often notice while wearing oversized sweaters is, keep the bottoms fitted. It always plays the role of balancing the oversized piece.

6. Feminine & Cute

Anouk knows how to dress for moods. From a polished and classic look shown above, she gives the perfect inspo for a casual yet stylish day look here. The bellies add a cute feminine vibe to it.

7. Let The Collar Popo

Another way to give some dimension to the oversized sweater is just letting the collar pop from within and rolling up the sleeves just like Livia did. It adds a fine finish to the ensemble.

8. Let It Shine

Give the usual jeans a break and try on leather pants. It instantly gives that shiny appeal to the outfit. If you feel leather pants could be a risky addition, take some cues from Monikh.

9. Hang It Over

We are obsessed with this style. Although it’s more of a style situation here, you can always add on a coat and let the sweater hang over it for a winter ready look. P.S. Fashionista Lauren is killing it with her bossy vibe.

10. Mix & Match

This is another skirt look which is more put together and refined. Keeping it plain at the bottom with the satin texture gives a soft, luxe feel coupled with the stripes that gives it some drama. Well, Ellie knows how to mix texture, color and prints well!

So, which are your favourite outfit combinations to wear the oversized sweater this season? Let us know in the comments section below.