Will Barbie Heels be the next new Fad Trend?

Fashion pieces have a cycle/stages they undergo. Some pieces pass the test of time and sit in the closet for seasons to pass by while some sustain just one season. That’s where the difference between a staple and a fad lies. A white button-down can never go off-season or fashion right? It’s such a classic staple. On the other hand of the spectrum are the pieces that don’t fit this bracket and just come and go. 

One trend that we spotted recently that we feel comes in this category is what we call ‘The Barbie Trend’. 

Maison Valentino’s latest Haute Couture collection going all pink and glamorous with those thicker-than-life and bolder in-size heels in different colors took us back to that dolled-up Barbie era. Those similar heels were also spotted in Marc Jacobs’s Fall 2022 Runway collection. While we know runways and fashion weeks are like a forecast of the trends, looks and styles that will be followed throughout that specific year, we are not very sure if these heels will be here for long because if we think of the practical aspect like comfort or durability of these heels we aren’t very confident.

Although they make one’s legs look all chic, elevated, and sexy, Remember Anne Hathway’s look from Maison Valentino’s couture show?  She legit looked like a walking barbie!! However, we feel these barbie heels made their debut like the ugly dad sneakers this year and will fade away with time. 

Well, that’s the beauty of Fashion, it allows one to experiment, be all artsy and creative with the coming of such pieces, and such fashion intro’s also add an interesting twist to the usual capsule wardrobes.

Don’t you agree with us on this? Also, we will be on the lookout to see if these barbie heels make it to the cut! What do you think? Do let us know in the comments section below.