What’s new this August?

The pandemic has led to a great number of lifestyle changes for all of us. A new lifestyle meant innovations, people adapting to it and finding their own way of dealing. While, the world is reopening and people can finally go out but of course with the necessary precautions, the fashion industry is struggling for stability.

If you have been switching to a fresh pair of pj’s every day, you might be someone who’s excited for the fall coming up! Fall fashion seems to be different this year with all the outbreak consequences. Many retail companies have chosen to shut down until the end of the year, but some are still hanging in there and trying to boost up their sales.

Even during the pandemic, many luxury brands have been launching new collections and collaborating with celebs and fellow stores to keep their business running and clients satisfied.

Here are some fashion world updates for this august:

  • Kylie skincare is available at Nordstrom now!

It’s a great news for all Kylie Jenner fans. Her skincare products will be available in-store from sept 16th, in the US. The product packaging is attractive enough for the customers and along with that it’s inexpensive. None of the products are more than 50 bucks.

  • Cardi B reminding us of the Bandana print

Recently, Cardi posted an image of her in a head to toe bandana print outfit with a ‘rep your flag’ caption. The colours are beautiful and even the bag is matching! Her post got approximate 19,890 comments.

  • Vogue launching winter/autumn 2020

Vogue released an article with august issue for the autumn/winter 2020 trend predictions. The theme is summed up to “all dressed up but nowhere to go”. According the article, people can expect some extravagant looks even if they are going to wear them at home. Balloon sleeves will be huge this winter season.

  • Good shoes take you good places!!

Boots will be trending this fall and some definitive designs have been coming out. These beauties by Versace will definitely be a hit. Many other shoes trends have been released. Here are a few:

  • The new sustainable Prada Bag!

The all new sustainable Prada bag collection was launched on September 17th. The re-nylon launch will be part of the brand’s bigger project and a commitment towards the environment.  

By: Priyanka Vohra