Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

Written by: Haransh Saini

Getting off with the New Year celebrations and greetings, we are almost into the pink saccharine ‘Love is in the Air’ time – ya ya Valentine’s Day! It’s the period of overly exaggerated floral decorations, heart-shaped chocolates, and pink-red themed outfits making a statement. And we know it gets a bit too cheesy sometimes but who cares, right? While this day is usually about celebrations with your significant other, we hear the single girls and guys too! 

So you could be needing inspiration for having a galantine lunch or a day at the park with your loved ones. And if you need some inspiration, we promise that you are at the right place!! 

Scroll down as we prepare you before time to dress your best on V-Day.

Refreshing Sorbet

Want to make a bright statement this Valentine’s Day? Go with minty green paired with hot pink. Don’t they make such a sizzling combination? We are totally drooling over this look.

Billowy Romance 

Nothing screams romance more than a billowy sleeve. It’s the volume that makes it all dramatic like the Valentine’s fantasies do! 

Sunny Side in Blush Pink

Not the cheesy one but still want to wear pink? This outfit looks like the perfect Uber-Cool pick. And converse shoes in pink are a clear indication that you are following the memo. 

Suit Up 

We are always ready to wear a suit. The look of it is so crisp and tailored that it never fails to impress us.

Dreamy & Feminine

Thanks to Meghna for giving us a bunch of options and moods to choose from. Whether it’s the dreamy dress, the soft floral ensemble, or Barbie vibes, tick your pick. What’s fascinating is that all these pretty pieces are from her very own label, SummerSomewhereShop. We are definitely drawn to the soft floral ensemble.

Casual Brunch Ready 

This look is as basic as it gets but still cute and only reminds us of a girly brunch at a pretty aesthetically pleasing cafe with our girlfriends.

Your Daily Dose of Pink

StylewithSoco is one influencer whose profile is an ideal watch for valentines day outfits  and even to take cues for how to wear pink on a daily basis. Hands down she is the queen of it!

Lady in Red

We absolutely love this modern silhouette with a sneak cutout. That definitely makes a difference and takes this dress a notch up. And believe it or not, Red is always a charmer! 

So these are a few looks you could take inspiration from since we still have a lot of time before Valentine’s Day 2022.

Let us know what you think of these looks in the comments below.