Trending this week

Welcome back to our trend section! This week we have a few updates that you might be interested in. who doesn’t love Dior? well, if you’re someone who love the brand, you must checkout their new products:

  • Mr. Kim Jones (Dior’s artistic director) launched a few new products with the new all wool – embroidered #DiorOblique tapestry technique. These are worth checking out
  • Kylie Jenner posed in Versace!

Kylie Jenner posed in a peach Versace dress and got featured on Versace’s official account.

  • Good morning Vogue!

In response to this tumultuous year, VOGUE decided to have a fashion news show called “good morning Vogue “ to spread awareness regarding the changes in the industry in response to the pandemic.

By: Priyanka Vohra