Toronto Fashion: Oreya Studio – redefining the traditional salon experience

Founded by Alexa Brittany, Oreya studio is a modern beauty inspiring confidence and delivering good vibes to its clientele. “Oreya” meaning beautiful in greek, takes great interest in more than just your appearance but also how you feel. 

Oreya’s mission is “ we give you an elevated hair and beauty experience with our talented team of hair professionals, lash artists, and waxing specialists.”

Not only that, Oreya has their own all natural hair care product line. The products are designed for both styling and hair care, allowing us to use the product even on the go without having to set aside additional time for your hair care routine!

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You can find/contact Oreya at:

Instagram: @oreyastudio

Facebook: @oreyastudio

Hair Care product line:



Phone:  (416) 463-0001

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By: Kylie Lenartowicz