Toronto Fashion: Hilary MacMillan Donates Thousands of Masks In Support of Front-Line Workers & Brand Spotlight

Hillary MacMillan, a toronto-based designer in the fashion sector, has devoted her time to making non-medical grade masks in support of the frontline workers.

Using upcycled materials, Millan and her team have been working to provide 200 masks every week starting March 2020. Since then, the team has successfully donated thousands of masks to frontline workers at a variety of locations such as retirement homes, shelters, grocery stores, pharmacies, and hospitals.

Not only has the designer been working to provide frontline workers with PPE equipment, she has also been encouraging others to do the same while staying safe. “We felt it was our duty to do as much as we could to give back and help those in more vulnerable positions,” – Hilary Macmillan

So…who and what is Hilary Macillan?

Brand Spotlight: Hilary Macmillan

Hilary Macmillan is a fashion brand located in Toronto and founded in 2013. Focused on creating high-quality, cruelty-free, and size inclusive womenswear, the brand is best known for producing contemporary and versatile pieces for purchase. Their designs include bold colours and courageous textures all while keeping in mind the needs of their modern day consumers.

“I want my brand and clothes I design to reflect aspects of my values and who I am, in addition to making my customers happy. It’s part of what I value and how I relate to those who wear my clothes. I want to feel pride giving people options for confidence and comfort.” – Hilary Macmillan

Interested in their products? Hilary Macmillan is still open for business, providing products in-store and online and shipping globally.

15% of all sales made from their Varsity Jacket Collections are donated to Up with Women and 100% of all proceeds from their Equal Pay Jacket are donated to Black Women in Motion.

If you or someone you know is in a need of a gorgeous face mask Hillary Macmilan has got your back! The brand is selling a variety of designer masks to meet your modern style online and in store.

To request a mask donation from Hilary and her team email at:

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Twitter: @hilarymacmillan

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Facebook: Hilary Macmillan Apparel

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By: Kylie Lenartowicz