Toronto Fashion Featuring: UNIKA Swim

Written By: Shayan Ahmed

“ŪNIKA comes from the Latin word “Unica” meaning – only one, one of a kind & unique”

Finding the perfect swimwear for your body isn’t always an easy task, because our shapes are unique, and we want to find that one piece that fits us perfectly and makes us feel comfortable and confident -as everyone should. In reality, you don’t always get what you pay for when you buy something off-the-rack.

ŪNIKA Swim is a Toronto-based brand founded by Betsy Campos in 2018, ŪNIKA Swim provides custom and pre-made swimwear for all ages, shapes, and sizes.



Betsy was born in Canada, but she’s of Brazilian heritage. Thus, the line was inspired by her summers in Brazil, where beachwear has become part of the culture. When Campos saw how confident women of diverse backgrounds and body types appeared in their swimsuits, she was motivated to provide that same sense of confidence through her swimwear line. “Every women’s body shape is different and unique, and so are their life experiences, personalities, and tastes”

What UNIKA offers?

They offer a wide range of styles from very minimal to conservative pieces, ensuring that every person can achieve their personal vision. Their mission is to be inclusive. That is why we offer 35 different styles in sizes XS-4XL. Additionally, they make suits for those who have undergone surgical procedures such as mastectomies and lumpectomies. Once the order is placed, each piece is hand-made by a team of 6 women in their storefront studio in Toronto. Which takes 4-6 business days. In other words, everything is made to order thus, they have limited pre-made items in stock. Also, to reduce our carbon footprint, they use the scrap pieces of fabric to make hair scrunchies, bandies, and other accessories. Besides, they offer complete transparency. Their open-concept studio allows clients to observe the production process. Isn’t that cool?

How to make a custom design?

Getting a custom piece is easy. On the brand’s website, customers can book an in-store appointment and browse dozens of different colors. In each piece, the fabric is made from recycled nylon yarn.

Besides offering a great selection of swimsuits to choose from, UNIKA also works collaboratively so that they can design a suit based on your idea or recreate the design of an old suit you love.

Some example of their products:

 You can explore the brand here:

What do you think about UNIKA? Would you like to purchase your next swimsuit from UNIKA? Let us know in the comments. 

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