Toronto Fashion Featuring: The Top 3 Men’s Brands Based in Canada.

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Written by: Gaurika Gupta


It is a luxury brand which offers men’s boots for the past 80 years. So, if you are looking for some nice pairs of shoes which will make your feet feel comfortable all day long, Viberg is your brand. 

Known for their men’s shoes, this brand was established in 1931 by Edwin Viberg and is currently led by their 3rd generation of family members. 

Though this picture is old and not very clear, still we see Edwin and his partner working on some shoes in their workshop around 1931. This was the start of the iconic Viberg Boot and their iconic stitch-down service boots. This brand was found in Saskatchewan, Canada. 
When his son Glen Viberg joined the brand he focused on logging and heavy industrial work boots. 
Now, this brand is led by their third-generation family member i.e Brett Viberg whose aim is to experiment more with the designs and material used for the boots. His motto for the brand is “Produce less, Produce better” which includes using sustainable supplies, livable wages for their workers and ethical surroundings. 
These are some of their latest designs you can shop from which ranges around $800-$899. 

Here’s a link to their website from where you can directly shop from-


This brand is loved by all minimalist lovers. It is a Vancouver-based brand whose collection typically has a monochrome colour ranging from black, white and grey. This brand is inspired by Japanese aesthetics and workmanship. The latest collection is infused with basics and a subtle dash of colours and patterns. They mix premium fabrics with a focus on simplicity and precision. Atkinson and newly joined designer, Brian Mendoza, work with timeless pieces, perfecting them with a focus on quality materials and fit.

We love this Fall/winter collection which features monochrome colours

This is the latest collection which was out in 2019 and currently, they are taking a break from producing new designs and their website says “ The Next Chapter” indicating that they have taken a break and are going to come back with a blast of a collection. 


Started in 2010, Frank and Oak has become Canada’s most favourite affordable fashion brand. Their summer 2020 collection had featured sustainably crafted tees, chinos, and button-downs but something unexpected happened when their Montreal made masks became the bestseller of the year. 

Their website not only has options to shop from but apart from that they offer a handbook section where they suggest ethical practices that we can follow. 

They have also tried to make packaging more sustainable as all of their shipping bags and wrappings are made from 100% post-consumer recycled cardboard. The best thing we like is how they discourage single-use bags and give their customers the alternative to buy purchasable and reusable cute tote bags. 

And they have started Carbon Offsetting by teaming with Earth Day Canada where they estimate the production of carbon dioxide by their shipping and e-commerce and then they donate back to plant trees in Quebec. Moreover, their tags are also made from recycled and recyclable materials. 

What else do we need from brands but to show their customers that they actually care for the environment and are working towards making the brand more sustainable. 

We are in love with what Frank and Oak is doing. Coming back to clothing, they make basic and comfy clothes at an affordable price. 

These are some of their clothes that are basic looking but have superior quality material which we are just in love with.

Interesting brands, right? Tell us which one you’ll be shopping from in the comments below.