Toronto Fashion featuring Samara

This week in our segment we will be featuring a female led brand Samara, based in Toronto. A sister duo who creates luxury vegan leather bags. They began their journey in 2017 with minimal investment and 10 bags.

The brand takes pride in staying grounded, sustainable and cruelty-free by using apple leather, bamboo and recycled plastic to create bags and wallets with the help expert craftsmanship. Even in case of vegan leather, they prefer to use water based PU also called polyurethane, which is less toxic to our environment.

They believe in giving back to society, for every backpack bought from the brand they give a ‘Solar Backpack’ to the children in East Africa, fitted with a solar panel. The backpack charges light while going to school, so no one would have to study in the dark. The backpack is founded by Salima the founder of Samara when she was working in Africa for 18 years before starting the brand. The idea behind there designs are “elegance in simplicity”.

Want to shop for their amazing bags? The link is given Below:


Instagram: @samara

Facebook: Samara Bags

Written by: Kannan Kapadia

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