Toronto Fashion Featuring – KOTN

Written by: Nicole Fernandes

Sustainability is soon going to play a major role when it comes to shopping for fashion. Not only do sustainable clothes deal with environment-friendly material but they also look into fair trade and organically sourced fabrics.

We came across a super stylish and interesting brand named Kotn – a Canadian apparel and home brand that specializes in ethically produced fashion essentials with a farm-to-store business model. Founded by Rami Helali, Benjamin Sehl, and Mackenzie Yeates in 2015, the brand is known for their ethically sourced Egyptian cotton goods along with ensuring ethical labour practices within their manufacturing processes.

The ethical focus towards the brand came about from having conversations with the cotton farmers on the Nile River Delta. Their premium cotton is used in jersey knits as well as textured jacquard and their clothing instantly offers a feel-good factor. Their high-quality products are made using fair practices that are sure to create a positive impact on the environment at large.

Want to start building a sustainable wardrobe?

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