Toronto Fashion Featuring: Horses Atelier

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Written by: Gaurika Gupta

Horse atelier was founded in 2012 by two best friends, Claudia Dey and Heidi Sopinka. Their main motive was to make clothes that were beautiful and at the same time durable and wearable. The kind which we would want to return back to. Their story is a success story from every single angle. They are not just pursuing one thing which they love but alongside fashion they both have written novels as well. Sustainability is paramount to both the owners and all their fabrics are derived from natural fibers, sourced from family owned mills in Italy and Japan and sewn a mile away from their Toronto studio. The collection is in itself so cute that it’s hard not to fall in love with it –  soft turtlenecks, cool utilitarian jumpsuits in block colors, pretty silk dresses in loose shapes, and cocoon-shaped outerwear in the softest wool. They are Toronto based fashion designers and co-owners of the brand Horses Atelier.   


Horses Atelier is famous for their comfy and cute jumpsuits. They offer a variety of colours from cool to pastels to dark hues. The price range for the clothes are moderate and it’s hard not to fall in love with those cute looking, super-comfy and soft fabric jumpsuits. These jumpsuits are perfect for the Toronto post-summer season but pre-fall weather, if you know what we mean…How can you not buy this and wear it to work? We just love the colour and the fit.

The best friends and co-owners reckoned they would use some money for their crazy art books but after some time they realized that the fashion industry isn’t as easy as it seems. The designs, Claudia Dey ( one of the owners) said are when Japanese classicism meets Parisian chic. The collection is supposed to be simple and timeless.

They have also been given Toronto’s best-dressed title. There’s also a pretty interesting story behind the brand’s name,  Claudia loves animals – in fact she wrote a book related to animals only and when they all used to gather around they use to say we are horses” hence the name and atelier just came naturally and SOPHIE liked atelier because it’s a french word for studio. Claudia lived in a farm growing up and had a deep connection with horses but later realized most women have deep connections with horses so this gave the brand another reason to connect with other women emotionally. 

They are still working to make this brand more recognizable and they want to show the world that women can be mothers and run a business and write all at the same. And we are so in love with that idea!

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