Written By: Haransh Saini

We all know that big Canadian winters with all those festive and dreamy vibes are a thing; but the chilly winds during this time are equally unforgiving. Do not take us wrong, we do love the snow. The surreal winter wonderland is just breathtaking but it brings with it the shivers and quivers too! 

And so, during this time we are looking out for influencers who can give us some doable and realistic outfits to pull off. Because giving up on style is not an option, right? 

We would like to tell you that Allana Davison has been on our radar for quite some time now for finding dreamy winter outfits.

She is a renowned Canadian blogger/vlogger who constantly not only ups her style but her makeup game too. You will find endless GRMWs, makeup tutorials along with outfit inspirations on her page.

 Below, we are sharing some of the outfit ideas we are stealing from her for this winter. Also, while we look forward to wearing these outfits, a little extra covering here and there if needed depending on one’s tolerance for freezing weather should be kept in mind too.


Just look at this long coat with the length perfect for winter. To be honest, we are also in love with what her friend is wearing. Isn’t the shearling coat so cute?


Is it just us or you also think this outfit screams cosy, comfy and soft snuggles. We absolutely love how uber cool it looks. 


A long coat with a sweater vest is one combination we have seen a lot but seeing it with such a classic button down is our first. We can proudly say that this combination is going to be a part of our ‘looks to wear in a week’.


Another sweatsuit look with a coat – her repeated appearance with sweatsuits under a coat makes us confident to try it.


Leather trench coats always entice us. They have a sexy and polished appeal to them, and it never fails to impress us. 


We absolutely love this skirt and sweater combination. The colour is a big fall/winter staple and the whole monochrome scheme adds a good depth. Sometimes when you are bored of jeans and top looks, this could be a pleasant change.


This whole look screams ‘All Set to withstand the Winter Freeze and Breeze’.


We have fallen in true love with this coat. What makes it stand out is the sudden and unexpected bright pop of color. You can try it out with pastels or pop colours like tangerine or fuchsia.


Final sweatsuit look, we promise! For us, she is the official brand ambassador for sweatsuit looks with the perfect hint of elegance and style.

So, here are all the looks from  this Canadian blogger we are absolutely adoring right now. Which ones are your favourite? Do let us know in the comments section below.