Top 5 must try drugstore makeup dupes

Written by: Jordana Di Pietro

Spring is coming which means it’s almost that time to rejuvenate our makeup drawers. Shopping for new makeup products can be very exciting yet very dangerous for our wallets when it’s time to cash out and get the bill. 

That’s why we are here to share our top 5 drugstore product dupes to help you save money while still using quality products!

  1. Tarte Shape tape concealer VS NYX Can’t stop won’t stop concealer 

Starting off with these two products, the well known Tarte Shape Tape concealer retails at $39.00 CAD. As most of us know, this product was in high demand for years for its creamy formula and full coverage performance. Although the performance of this concealer is to die for, you have to check out this dupe, the NYX Cant Stop Wont Stop concealer. This concealer is the perfect dupe for the Tarte Shape Tape also giving an incredible performance with an array of different shade ranges. This concealer retails at $14.00 CAD. 

  1. Laura Mercier setting powder VS Maybelline Fit Me setting powder

Next up we have the Laura Mercier setting powder retailing at $51.00 CAD. This powder is a light weight product which helps set your foundation/concealer. This powder has been praised for years for its matte finish and lack of flashback. 

The Maybelline Fit Me concealer has recently caused some noise with its incredible performance. Reviews have stated that this powder has a similar finish as the Laura Mercier powder leaving a color tint to match your shade of foundation. Would you believe this powder is only $10.00 CAD? What a steal!

  1. Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush bronzer VS Physicians Formula Butter bronzer

The Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush bronzer retails at $69.00 CAD. From the beautiful packaging and warm finish, it’s safe to say that at first glance this product would be the one to buy. But, there will always be a dupe which performs just as well and is affordable. This leads us to the Physicians Formula Butter bronzer. Believe it or not, this product was named ‘beauty award winner’ by Glamor. This bronzer gives a beautiful airbrush finish, with a bigger pan making this a long lasting product. Did we mention that this retails at $16.49 CAD? 

  1. KVD Beauty Ink liner VS NYX Epic Ink liner

KVD Beauty is notorious for their good quality products. The KVD Beauty Ink liner being one of them. This liner retails at $30.00 CAD, from the color performance and the fine tip, you cannot go wrong with this product. 

The NYX Epic Ink liner is a similar product with the same performance. As shown above, the similarity of these products are uncanny. 

NYX retails this liner at $12.00 CAD. 

  1. Kylie Cosmetics Matte Liquid lipstick VS NYX Soft Matte Lip cream

Kylie Cosmetics has created a new turning point for the beauty community once her famous lip kits hit the market. One matte liquid lipstick retails at $17.00 CAD. This product caused hysteria with the variety of shade range and long lasting finish. Once word got around about this dupe, the internet went crazy trying to get their hands on this product. 

The NYX Soft Matte Lip cream retails at $10.00 CAD. 

The two products have been compared on different amounts showing their formulas and performances had quite a few similarities. 

Do you own any of these products? Do you have any more dupe recommendations that we have not listed? Let us know! Let’s talk about it in the comments below.