Collaborations are the best way out for two powerful brands to come together and make magic with each infusing some elements of their brainchild with another brand. Nevertheless, making sure that the true persona of brands is reflected through the collaboration is important. If the customers or audience cannot resonate with the values of the brands and the joint product just feels like a forcefully made-up partnership then it has already lost its place in the market. 

Talking all about perfect alliances, we recently came across the TNA ( Aritzia ) x Vans collaboration. To be honest, they have done a pretty good job!!

Well, the first thing they nailed right was choosing the key styles the Uber cool old-school brand Vans is known for which are their Old Skool 36 Dx, Classic Slip-On 98 Dx, and Ski 8 – Hi 38 Dx. 

The next thing the collaboration did right was added the perfect face to it, Beatrice Domond. She is a professional skateboarder based out of NYC. Her edgy, cool, funky, tough street style vibe made her the ideal choice to endorse this collaboration’s collection. 

Lastly, with TNA, Aritzia’s in-house brand selling athletic wear even the merch hit all the right boxes.

Coming below are some of our favorite pieces from this collaboration:-

Cozy fleece Boyfriend boxy Zip hoodie

Boxy, relaxed, and a perfect sporty pop in a wardrobe. If you aren’t a fan of this color, there are a plethora of colors you can choose from available on the website.

Classic Slip-On 98 Dx 

These classic vans can and will never go out of style. Just look at the intricate detailing!!

Sk8 – Hi 38 Dx

These premium suede and canvas high-top lace sneakers can easily be the star of any outfit. Be it a classic jean and top set or a romantic floral dress, they can be your go-to any day.

Bucket Hat 

A summer without a bucket hat is No Summers! Go fun and funky with this electric blue bucket hat that gives the perfect cool summer freshness.

Cozy Fleece Boyfriend Basic Sweatpant 

Off late we have been quite drawn to this bright green. We feel this pop elevates a basic sweat pant set immediately. Isn’t it?

Basic Crew Neck Sock 

A cute crew neck sock pack will always be essential in the wardrobe. 

So, which are your favorite pieces from the collection? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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