The Woman Behind The Most Stylish A-list Celebrity Looks

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Molly Dickson, is the mastermind behind putting together the outfits for some of the top A-list celebrities in the industry. She has gotten her hands on commercials, editorials and of course, the magical red-carpets. Her key list of clients include Scarlett Johansson, Sydney Sweeney, Addison Raee and Sadie Sink to name a few. 

While she leaves no stone unturned, to bring out the best in her clients with all the shazzle & dazzle, she herself is a 90’s girl. She loves to keep it clean, edgy and effortless for herself.

Since her profession has always been super demanding and on the go, comfort ticks her top priority. And although every look for her clients needs to meet the brief of an event, her sense of style is reflected in the way she dresses her clients.

A quick walkthrough of her journey into the fashion industry

She started with an internship in LA. After that she moved to New York to work as an intern at Marie Claire Magazine. She got a job there itself and assisted the Fashion Magazine Director for 2 years. Moving ahead, she assisted the renowned celebrity stylist – Leslie Fremar for about 7 years. It was here that she learnt all the nitty-gritties of the fashion world. After that, she finally stepped out on her own.

How does she measure the success of an outfit?

For her, styling feels a success when her clients feel sexy and confident, when they step out in their outfits. Watching them walk down the events and feeling all pumped up gives her utmost satisfaction! To her, the true essence of success comes when her clients feel the best and truest versions of themselves. 

Interesting observations we couldn’t get our sight off 

If you have been a loyal follower of Molly Dickson just like us, we are sure you must have spotted her love for Red Bull. With the most challenging call times & ever demanding job in hand, Red Bull has been her best friend to drink all the sleepless nights & get going.

Her journey into the fashion industry is truly motivating and we always look up to her for inspiration. We also enjoy following her because her work is always fun, interesting and exciting to watch. 

From her list of clients, whose outfits do you like the most ? Do let us know in the comments section below.