The VMA’s – COVID-19 Edition

Since the middle of March 2020, the world has been put on pause with a virus that has shaken many countries. The way of life has changed for everyone in many ways. The pause has given everyone a chance to slow down. However, with this slow down, comes a lot of challenges for businesses and live events. Social distancing has inspired new ways in hosting live events with large amounts of people. From Facetime to Zoom, the world has been forced to create new ways to showcase fashion pieces and music. The Video Music Awards or VMA’s have chosen to embrace this challenge and make the most of it. With inspiring celebrities and captivating couture, celebrities have come together and created an event for the world to see and you can bet it was definitely a sight to see.

Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande:


COVID-19 didn’t stop these two from creating an amazing performance. From colors, to different cuts of fabric, they inspired a huge impression on stage. With social distancing in place, they chose to perform with decorative face masks, Lady Gaga’s mask giving the impression of a robot. There were costume changes that were colorful and bright. Having multiple dancers in the background dramatized the performance making it feel as if it were airing live. The introduction to this performance portrayed itself to the audience through an old box tv, showcasing another award show. This pandemic didn’t stop these two celebrities from showcasing their signature looks. Ariana Grande wore her signature bralette and short skirt that was synched at the waist showing off her curves. Lady Gaga did not disappoint her audience especially with her creativity in her outfit. Throughout her outfit, she had a consistent theme of the color purple running from her makeup to her nails. With belt buckles around her thighs and arms, along with her creative robot-like mask, her look was unique and edgy and portrayed a very tough, strong character. This performance is what we all have been waiting for.

Miley Cyrus and the “Midnight Sky”


Miley Cyrus and her classic wrecking ball scene made an appearance at the 2020 VMA’s. She performed her new empowering song called “Midnight Sky”, giving the audience a lot to see. She started the song wearing a fitted black crop top paired with a sheer skirt that had a very high slit showing off her shape. It was evident that Miley took advantage of the different digital affects as there was a feeling of being in the same room with her as she was performing. There were a lot of lights and different shades of color that were implemented into this performance like bright red and dark blue. She claimed that she wanted to create escapism for the viewers to enjoy and escape reality for a little while. At the end of her performance, she takes off the sheer skirt, revealing underwear in the same fabric as the outfit and swings on top of a disco ball replicating the wrecking ball performance filmed in wrecking ball music video, years ago. Throughout this performance she strongly portrayed the feeling of a Rockstar and gave a very empowering feeling to anyone watching. Who knows? Maybe this can inspire other artists around the world to incorporate digital work in their future performances.

Doja Cat!


Not only is she an amazing singer and rapper, but she truly knows how to shock her audience with her fashion sense. During her performance at the VMA’s she wore an outfit that was out of this world, LITERALLY. She took a different approach and portrayed herself as an extraterrestrial on another planet. Her outfit consisted of a tight-fitting sheer body suit with parts of the outfit illuminating different colors of light. With all the colors, creative costumes and talented dancers, this performance wowed the audience. Let’s take a look at her outfit when she was collecting her awards for best new artist. Doja wore a very sexy dress with a deep v-neckline and a flared-out bottom, accentuating her curves. She styled her hair in a very long dramatic braid that almost touched the floor. This look is very sexy and can flatter many curvy body types. Her music and loud fashion sense speak millions and inspires people all around the world.

These passionate artists didn’t let the pandemic stop them from creating inspiring performances and music. They embraced the change and took advantage of the creative technology in our society today and made beautiful art. Maybe this way of preforming will inspire the new age of technology. With this pandemic in play, we may get to see more performances that allow these artists to express themselves in a big way.

By: Melania Cammalleri