The gender-fluid brand-HOI BO

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Written by: Gaurika Gupta

I hate using the term masculine and feminine, although in context, it’s a good way to explain it,” she continues. “I don’t present myself as feminine or masculine, and I don’t like defining people in those terms, but I love that balance of things. And in a lot of ways, it’s very androgynous,”

she says of her creations, which lean towards gender fluidity.
Hoi Bo’s Toronto studio 

The brand was launched in 2007 and ever since then Hoi Bo is a truly sustainable brand that offers a unique balance of beauty, design, craft and functionality. They wanted people to experience Hoi Bo as an authentic brand where people can see the quality of their hand-stitching, touch the cloth, smell the leather – and to have an enveloping visceral response to our approach. They opened their first mixed-use studio/retail space in Toronto’s Distillery District in 2011.

Their famous handcrafted tote bag

Since then they have continued to grow the brand in all the right directions. The freedom to live your life every day, and simply be, in cloth that moves and wears with you, that softens and ages with use and the passing of time, that is made with respect for the planet…this is Hoi Bo. 

In 2020, they have opened another Hoi Bo store, a Flagship Store and Community Space in Toronto’s West End, where they’ll continue to grow and evolve their collection and practices, constantly setting new design and sustainability goals. 

Sarra Tang is the mastermind behind Hoi Bo. Having an avant-garde perspective, she began designing bags in 2007 before expanding the brand into a full line of womenswear. 

The brand started because of Sarra’s love for fabrics and materials. Developing materials is a huge part of her creation process.  Sarra even lets the materials dictate the design of the pieces. 

These are some of the clothing options which are offered by Hoi Bo

Do you think you would buy from a brand who’s so thoughtful about their fabric and stitching? What are your thoughts about Hoi Bo? Also, did you guys find the history of the brand interesting?

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