The Dreamy Disney X ALDO Collaboration

We are sure you will relate when we say that anyone’s childhood is incomplete without Disney. 


Our life would revolve around those iconic characters that ended up influencing most of our decisions in that ‘teeny-dreamy phase’ of life.

And if you are ready to have the taste of that nostalgic feeling, you have got to see the ALDO x Disney collaboration. We assure you, you will feel that you have stepped into that world where everything runs on magic and those naive dreams that have no boundaries seem to be possible again. 

The collection named “ The Disney Princess Collection” feels like it’s giving you a grand welcome into that whimsical world. We would say this collaboration has done quite a good job in reviving those iconic characters through the collection. 

Tag along with us and you will see it for yourself. 

First, of course, are the ‘Classic Cinderella Glass Slippers’ that also have a sling-back variation taking one back to the dreamy rags to richness sweetened fairytale of cinderella. When we imagine wearing these, we feel like we have time-traveled to those princessy moments. How cool is that right? 

Two other absolutely beautiful and intricately detailed heels from the collection are the 

Rose Slipper  & Royal Slipper 

Another Heel Sandal that caught our eye was the Wishstep High Heel inspired by Tiana. Gold in color, encrusted with beautiful shiny jewels makes it perfect for having that ball moment. 

Remember the classic line from snow white ‘Mirror Mirror on the wall’? There is a heel inspired by that in the collection named the Snowslipper and we can’t stop adoring it. It’s one of our favorites from the collection. Just look at the beautiful detailing!!

Apart from heel sandals the collection also has sneakers and jewelry. 

These iridescent ‘Sea Sneakers’ that are iconic to Ariel’s character from Disney are the ones that we liked. 

Another one that is a more subtle version is the Rose sneakers which could fit into our wardrobe for the days when we want to jazz up our look a bit.

Coming to the jewelry that truly evokes each princess’s regal personality.

Wish jewel Clip on Chandelier Earrings 

Rose jewel Chandelier Earrings

Glassjewel Chandelier Earrings

Each one of these earrings look so delicate and royal and we are so sure they will grab anyone’s attention instantly! It’s like inheriting the princess personality for a while. The thought of it makes us so excited already.

Finally coming to their storybook clutches. Our favorites are Cinderella and Ariel one.

So which are your most favorite pieces from the collection? 

Do let us know in the comments section below.