The brand we are looking up to, to start our skin care regime

Building or having a stepwise beauty regime is not everyone’s cup of tea. For us we need something easy, simple, minimal and on the go. Thanks to our fast paced college lives that always keep us running around! But in the midst of all this everyday chaos, taking out some time for yourself is extremely important. And for that we like to look up to brands that instead of just offering the beauty products give recommendations or offer consultations that can be of great help especially when you are just starting out on your self-care regime journey. 

After getting a few head ups and constantly reading positive reviews about Youth to the People 

( YTTP ) we knew we had to check them out! And once we did all those reviews made sense. 

It’s not just the product reviews we were highly impressed by but also how the product recommendations were given ‘By Skin concern’ , ‘By Routine’ wise along with Bundle/Kit packs and Travel Size options too.

As one navigates through these options, clicking each choice it also shows a list of ingredients and how to use them with benefits. For us the ‘By routine’ skincare type and Concern Bundles were definitely a game changer! It’s like getting a pack of products all assembled for you with no effort and maximum ease. We would without a doubt opt for something like that. 

Next, free 15 minute skin care consultation sessions with any one of their reputed skin experts to build your own personalized skin routine makes the entire process of giving your skin care routine a headstart much easier and doable.

Below, we are sharing 5 of their top rated products that we would consider buying, just to give our skin a good and fresh start – 

YTTP Superfood Cleanser 

The superfood ingredients like Spinach, Kale and Green Tea is what makes this cleanser powerful in its cleansing results yet gentle on the skin. It works beneficially to remove makeup, prevents the building up of pores as well as balances the pH level without stripping or drying.

It also comes in a cute travel size making it super handy to take it anywhere.

YTTP SuperFood Air Whip Moisture Cream

This moisture cream is also made using the powerful green-extract blend of Spinach, Kale and Green Tea that helps to eliminate the free radicals and the cross-linked hyaluronic acid that makes sure to not only replenish but also give a firm look to the skin. It works perfectly under make-up, isn’t greasy and is lightweight too. This also comes in a travel size which according to us is an essential to keep in your hand bag to make sure the skin stays fresh and moist.

YTTP Superberry Hydrate + Glow Oil 

The superberry hydrate + glow oil is packed with super berry antioxidants that leave the skin hydrated, soft and glowing. The key ingredients in this cream are the prickly pear, squalane oil lock, omega fatty acids and the high levels of vitamin C that keep the skin nourished and fresh looking. Again we are also sharing the link of its travel size because this shouldn’t be missed too!

YTTP Superclay Purify + Clear Power Mask

Travel Size –

Infused with 2% niacinamide, this triple-clay mask deeply cleans and effectively clears pores for skin. Supercharged with balancing kombucha, exfoliating salicylic acid enables this mask to target the root cause of skin issues, absorb excessive oil that can initiate breakouts and even tones the skin. Consisting of so many vital elements in its formulation helps it to provide a highly-enriched purifying treatment.

YTTP SuperBerry Dream Eye Cream

This travel size overnight mask effectively hydrates, brightens and  plumps because of the antioxidant-rich superberries, THD ascorbate ( Tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate)  and clinically verified form of stable Vitamin C. What this powerful formula does is that it helps target the uneven skin tone and dullness with the result of radiating and brighter skin.

So, these are the 5 products from YTTP that we are eager to buy and have also made it to the most recommended products to use from the brand. Which ones did you like or would be eager to try? Do let us know in the comments section below.