The Best of Vogue

Vogue. Today, it is completely different than what it was when it first began in 1892. It was established in a weekly New York City newspaper. Vogue has been a platform where the art of fashion is expressed and has influenced the way fashion is viewed and portrays itself today. Its intentions since the beginning of Vogue, was to cover topics on the socially elite and the fashion scene in New York worn by the “high society”. This magazine was targeted towards women. Vogue became the fashion bible and is always giving its targeted audience issues on the newest trendy styles, makeup, fragrances and more. In the 21st century, the pages of Vogue have become thicker with its issues expanding into topics such as food and entertainment as well. This magazine even inspired Madonna to write a song about it. Throughout the years, there have been many iconic models on the cover of Vogue. Let’s check them out.

The Iconic Donyale Luna:

    Donyale Luna was an African American Model who gained popularity in the mid 20th century. She was the first black supermodel to be on the cover of British Vogue. The cover consisted of her dressed up in the iconic designers; Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Dior. The way she posed for photographers was different than other models. She expressed an exciting, confident aura that followed her throughout her career. Her work was revolutionary and opened the door for models of color, inspiring them with her persistence in being her true self and showing off her jaw dropping beauty. In her modeling career she didn’t let the discrimination in America get to her head. In fact, she fled the country and traveled to Europe, where in the year of 1966, Luna embellished the cover of Vogue. She was a woman ahead of her time, from her persistence in breaking the stigma of what a women “should” look like in the modeling world, to accepting and loving herself in the truest form, she is a woman who everyone can look up to.

Ashley Graham:

Yes, Ashley Graham ladies and gentlemen. She is the first ‘plus size model‘ that appeared on the cover of Vogue. Her presence in the magazine has created a space for different body shapes to be admired. She is well-regarded for the confidence she exudes and her comfort in her curvaceous body. This cover has changed the way fashion is viewed in recent years. In early years, fashion was only presented on slim body types which left the industry to be extremely exclusive. Ashley presenting herself in a confident way throughout the magazine has encouraged the fashion world to be more accepting of different body types and embrace the beauty of different shapes and sizes. This issue has impacted not only streetwear, but also Haute Couture, leaving commercials and fashion shows with an abundant of different fashion pieces showcased on different body types.

Sophia Loren:

You will usually see a celebrity on a Vogue cover today, but it wasn’t always like this. Sophia was the first actress to appear on a Vogue cover. She has been recognized as the most beautiful actress in film in Hollywood at the time. Her appearance on the cover of Vogue opened doors for other artists to present themselves in the magazine. This created a place for celebrities to portray their style to the world. Vogue is known to present the trends of fashion, makeup and more. Bringing in celebrities, creates a larger audience for the magazine and gives celebrities the opportunity to inspire their audience. This encourages the fashion industry to view fashion from many different perspectives and artists expanding the art of fashion.

Vogue has played a big part in the way the fashion world works today. From writing journals in a newspaper, to growing into one of the world’s most iconic fashion magazines, Vogue has influenced the way women view themselves and inspires them to pick up a garment or accessory and create their own style. This magazine has made a huge impact in the industry and will continue to do so for many more years to come.

By: Melania Cammalleri