TFA Fashion Styling Workshop

Can we just start off by acknowledging how lucky we are that we were able to take advantage of all these opportunities and resources around us?

Last Sunday, a few of the girls from the team and I had a chance to attend a complimentary fashion styling workshop hosted by Toronto Fashion Academy. Keynote speaker was Paul Langill, industry expert and popular Wardrobe stylist in Toronto, and he told us all about what it takes to get yourself into the fashion industry successfully. The answer consists of three words: portfolio, Instagram, and networking; in the process, they all become one in the same.

Portfolio & Instagram
First of all, you want to keep a record of all your work, no matter how amateur you may think it is. He was clear to mention that we all start from the bottom practicing our craft with a friend, and he encouraged us to do so just to get our toes wet. Keeping a record will show your growth overtime. You also want to show how versatile you can be. It’s important to have a physical portfolio while also maintaining an Instagram account that showcases various aspects of your work, whether it be final photos or behind the scenes snippets. We all know how powerful social media can be, especially being able to connect with anyone, anywhere at the tip of your fingers – If someone sees your work and wants to collab with you, Instagram makes it that much easier.

This is definitely a skill that’s harder to develop, but I’ve found it easier to just completely forget about the word “networking” because I feel that word just has a bunch of anxiety, intimidation and obligation attached to it. Instead, I see it as building a relationship. Having good relationships are important no matter what industry you’re in, but they’re especially important in smaller industries like fashion. You never know when someone will want to use your skills, and vice versa; with a good relationship there’ll be more opportunity for collaboration and learning.

TFA Fashion Show
Our night ended with a seat at TFA’s Spring/Summer Fashion Show. Each collection covered a range of designs from evening wear to men’s swimwear, but my favourite designer of the night was definitely Vanessa Kiraly. Her designs stood out to me the most not only because of the beautiful lilac and light green theme, but especially because of the fairy-like details in the silhouettes, tulle fabric and even the song playing in the background.

Check out Vanessa Kiraly’s designs on Instagram @vanessakiraly!

By: Camille