Sustainable Canadian fashion brands.

As we celebrate Canada day week at Infuse Humber, let’s look at some canadian brands who not only are local but also believe and promote sustainability in their day to day operations.


The brand believes in creating capsule wardrobe and versatile multiway clothing with the motto of “less is more”, all pieces of clothing are made within Canada and fabrics that protect the environment. The brand takes a very mindful and slow approach to fashion, while incorporating sustainable practices like upcycling leftover fabrics to recycling packaging.

Here’s a link to there website:

2. Kotn

Based in Toronto an ethical and sustainable conscious brand that creates basics for both men and women mainly using Egyptian Giaz cotton for creating its products. The ultra soft cotton brings in a sense of luxury to our wardrobes. While keeping the supply chain safe for the farmers,  manufacturers and factory workers.

Here’s a link to there website:

3. Soft Focus

In the season where the world is working from home, This Toronto based loungewear brand with contemporary silhouettes gets a sustainable update at Soft Focus with fabrics that are made from plants. Working from home is made much more comfortable yet trendy.

Here’s a link to there website:

4. Free Label

A Vancouver based  brand that creates fashion that is cut and sewn in Canada, making sure the process is ethically true to its workers, organic fabrics made out of natural fibers that are custom milled in Canada. They create comfort and fashion for women of all sizes.

Here’s a link to there website:

While we prepare ourselves to restart our lives, it’s time to slow down and reconsider our buying habits, as economies scramble in the times of need, it becomes a responsibility as citizens to promote local business to help governments set back on track again and with Canada Day this week, what better way to prove? That we love our homes and the people. Buying local and less is the way in future it seems.

By: Kannan Kapadia