Summertime in The Seventies

Let’s take it back to summer in the 70’s. There’s a reason why this decade continues to be known for its endless styles and trends. From the hippies influence in the early 70’s to the take-over of Disco in the late decade there were so many different trends that were present in this time period. A lot of which you still see today. Every young woman has definitely owned a pair of high waisted short shorts and a halter top. You also can’t forget about the summer staple in every women’s closet, the Maxi dress. These trends you see today were from the 70’s. That’s where it all started.

The Maxi Dress:

            The maxi dress name came from two other styles of skirts which were called the Mini and the Midi. The Mini skirt would reach above the knee and expose the women’s figure the most. Then came the Midi length skirt which was a length that ended halfway on the women’s calf. The Maxi dress is still popular today and the length of it is the longest of all the skirts. The maxi dress can reach up to just above the ankle. The Maxi dress always has a cinched waist and a somewhat flared bottom giving the illusion of a small waist and slightly bigger hips, showing off an hourglass-like figure. On the left you can see how the Maxi dresses were worn in the 70’s. On the right you can see today’s spin on the Maxi dress. Today Maxi dresses are a little more form fitting and are slightly more revealing. On the right you can see the updated version of a Maxi dress has a high slit that accentuates the women’s legs and enables them to be showcased in the outfit. The dress can be found online at

The Scooter Skirt:

The fashionable Scooter Skirt was influenced by the 60’s “hot pants” which were tight short shorts that women would wear for leisure or sports. The hot pants opened the door for these short Scooter Skirts. These skirts were technically skorts. These were worn by women when they would ride on a scooter to prevent their undergarments from showing. Thus, creating the name Scooter Skirts. These skirts were appropriating short length garments on women. Today you still can grab a pair of these Scooter Skirts online at SHEIN. In both pictures above, the Scooter Skirt hugs the curves and flares out midway giving the illusion of an hourglass figure. The length of the skirt also shows off the women’s legs which some may say was viewed as promiscuous in the seventies.


Although the platform has been worn for many years before the 70’s, they were extremely popular in that decade. The platform originated from Greek actors as they needed to enhance the importance of characters through their height on stage. These platforms were also helpful in wet weather as they kept feet dry due to the elevation of the shoes. Once disco took over the 70’s so did Platform shoes. These shoes would be worn on the dancefloor to add height and length to a person’s outfit. The motto of the disco era was “the bigger the better”. People would wear all sorts of platform shoes. Some would have patterns and bling whereas some would be simple. But the height was always what stood out in an outfit. Men would even use them to make themselves look taller. Just ask David Bowie. These shoes are what stood out in every outfit and you can still find these rockin shoes today. You can find the shoes on the right at ALDO.

            The 70’s brought light to many different kinds of styles. The Hippies style, Disco, Boho, and so much more. There were so many different textures and garments to try the options were endless. We can thank the 70’s for the great styles we have today. Who knows what other old trends will come back?

By: Melania Cammalleri