Strike a Pose – Madonna’s 80’s Style

Have you ever divulged in the trend of lace? Or ever dabbled in the new trend of biker shorts? Well, Madonna was the one who started it all. Throughout the 80’s she shocked the world with her interesting styles. She introduced styles that incorporated different textures, patterns and lots of jewelry which were prominently crucifixes. From layered clothing to nothing but lace, she was changing the fashion industry one outfit at a time. Madonna is known for her creative fashion reinventions. From music, to her style, she creates captivating impressions.

In 1985, the film Desperately Seeking Susan is where Madonna collectively showcased the trend of layering different garments. Throughout the film you would see her wearing transparent lace garments with a leather jacket or transparent crop top on top of lace. There are many different trends that Madonna put a start to, and it continues to be present in the fashion industry today.

The Lace Bustier:

         Madonna started the trend of wearing sexy lace garments as a part of an everyday look. She would pair these lace bodysuits often with skirts and loose pants. In the picture above on the left, you can see Madonna’s styled her bustier with a looser fitted bottom, giving the outfit a sexy robust look. Today, you still see these intimate garments play a part in streetwear. In the 21st century, these body suits are paired with a loose-fitting bottom and can be paired with a more fitted pair of jeans or dress pants. This style is showcased in the photo on the right. The outfit is worn by Hailey Bieber. The way the bustier is styled, hugs the woman’s features and extenuates the body. It is common to see a bustier with a blazer or cardigan overtop to add delicateness to the outfit.

Russian Red Lipstick:


  Many of you may not know that MAC Cosmetics was founded right here in downtown Toronto, Canada. They were founded in the 80’s where artists like Madonna were becoming well known in pop culture.  In this era, red hot lips were coming back in style. Madonna was looking for a red lipstick that would last throughout her stage performances when she was performing on her Blonde Ambition World Tour. The color of red that she wore throughout the decade was Russian Red. This color not only helped create awareness for MAC Cosmetics but also created a classic red lipstick that is still one of MAC’s best-selling lipsticks. This lipstick was unreleased when Madonna first wore it and was later given the name “Russian Red”. This lipstick goes well with many different skin tones. Many artists to this day wear the Russian Red shade at events like the Globe Awards. As you can see, Gwen Stefani wore this shade at a red carpet(above right).

The Trend of Bike Shorts:

          Biker shorts have become extremely popular in fashion this year. You will see these shorts paired with anything from a luxurious blazer to a sports bra and slick white running shoes. These bike shorts are a great way to dress down any outfit and still make it look chic. Artists like Miley Cyrus, pairs bike shorts with a decked out cropped top. These shorts also come in many different patterns and are promoted through diverse brands. As you can see, Miley’s biker shorts have a pattern to them, which goes well with the bold graphic designed top. This outfit was paired with laid back running shoes making the outfit more casual while still extenuating Miley’s figure. On the left you can see how Madonna paired casual athletic shorts with a bustier and a blazer giving it a more sophisticated look. In both photos you can see that biker shorts can be a part of a casual or dressy outfit. You can’t go wrong with adding a biker short to your wardrobe.

          Madonna had an enormous impact on fashion in the 80’s. She challenged many designers and made big statements with her fashion sense. Still to this day, her styles and trends live on and occasionally come back in style. Her creativity will always be remembered.

By: Melania Cammalleri