Staple pieces for Fall 2021

Written by: Samayra Bahl

Summer isn’t over yet but many of us have started to shop for our favourite season of neutrals and warm tones. Yes, we are talking about Fall! Every wardrobe needs to have a few staple pieces for each season and fall definitely has many! These must-haves can chic up even the most subtle outfits whether you’re going out to run a few errands, meeting a friend for a relaxing brunch or going out on a romantic date. We have compiled a list of a few staple pieces you might want to have in your wardrobe for Fall 2021!

Denim Jacket

If there can only be one outerwear worth keeping for Fall, we’re definitely keeping the jean jacket! There are so many outfits that you can style your denim jacket with. This staple comes in-handy from time to time like when you are going shopping on a bright sunny day or for a fun dinner on a chilly night. It is surely something which keeps you warm yet stylish! 

White Sneakers

A pair of fresh white sneakers is just what you need to stay casual, trendy and comfortable! A pair of white sneakers styled with black jeans and a cute sweater will never go out of fashion. 


One can never refrain from getting too many sweaters! We are absolutely in love with how sweaters can keep us warm yet stylish. A high-neck sweater with a pair of black jeans along with heels is just what we are craving for! Sweaters come in so many different styles, from high-neck to backless. 

Faux Leather Pants/ Leggings  

The only faux thing we love is a good pair of leather pants! These are an amazing staple pieces for a fall wardrobe. Just pair it with a cute sweater and a pair of white sneakers and VOILA, you’re all set! You can even wear it with a white V-neck tee, a denim jacket and a pair of ankle boots. 


By now, blazers are 100% a must-have for Fall. Adding a blazer to your fall wardrobe is definitely what we are recommending! Whether you’re going out on a casual day-out or to work, they make quite an appearance. We love how they come in different lengths, patterns and fabrics. 

Ankle Boots 

There is nothing like owning too many boots! Ankle boots are a classic staple piece for fall. They can be styled with a sweater dress, a high-neck sweater with a pair of jeans, a cardigan and a pair of black leggings and so on. Heels or no heels, that is totally up to your personal style! 


When we think of fall, cardigans are what often comes to our minds. Cardigans are an easy-to-style staple piece. Just put on a top, black leggings or jeans, a pair of your favourite shoes and a cardigan to complete your outfit! 

We can’t wait to style these staple pieces for Fall! Which one is your go-to?