Spark Your Holiday

Makeup consumers who like shiny, glittery eyeshadows are turning to eco-friendly glitter alternatives so that their eye catching appearances reduce environmental impact. 

A new kind of pressed glitter eyeshadow that is made of Plant based glitter is Lawless BioGlitter, so it’s absolutely clean, vegan and biodegradable.

Winter skincare routine we all need!!

Let’s welcome winter by fighting dryness.

Cold weather will dry your skin out and break it, so imagine what -10 degrees will do to your skin.

So, a gentle cleanser and a good thick moisturizer are necessary to use. You will want to turn to a thicker cream if you use a thinner lotion during the summer.

Here is a list of winter skin savers that will keep your skin until spring break nourished and vibrant:

P.S. It can be a great holiday gift!!


By: Jodi Alhayek