Pop of Color

Makeup and its History:

      Where did it all start? It was first recorded between 3100 and 2907 BC. It was common to see Romans experimenting with makeup in the middle of the first century AD. There were specific kinds of makeup that were used in early times called Kohl. It was used for darkening the eyelashes and eyelids. It acted like a charcoal that is used in makeup like mascara today. The reason why you don’t see Kohl in products today is because it contains a large amount of lead which is unhealthy for the body and skin. Lipsticks were made from dead bugs like beetles and overtime lipsticks were developed through using clay and water to color their lips. Thank God we progressed from beetle made lipstick!

Poppin Lipstick:

Lipstick plays a big part in the makeup look, whether it be matte or moisturizing, it is a staple product that brings the whole look together. This week we are talking about lipsticks that catch your eye with bright and bold colors. Did you know the first lipstick color created was a deep red? From 5,000 years ago till now, we have progressed and created lipsticks that range from light and natural colors to shades that resemble the colors of the rainbow. Rihanna’s makeup brand offers a large selection of lipsticks that add a pop of color. The ‘Poutsicle Juicy Satin Lipstick‘ is a moisturizing lipstick that compliments many skin tones and adds a pop of color to the makeup look. Want this color? Click here.

Bright Eyeshadow:

Known for its pigment and bright colors, Morphe is a cosmetic company that encourages bright colors in makeup looks. Over the years they have created eyeshadow palettes that have bright colors ranging from bright blue to a bright yellow. There are no rules to makeup, especially when using an eyeshadow palette from Morphe. Many makeup artists have collaborated with Morphe to inspire new pops of color in their palette’s. The Morphe X Maddie Ziegler The Imagination Palette is an eyeshadow palette that introduces bright colors such as blue, pink, yellow and so much more. With these bright colors, you can create a makeup that looks effortless, like the picture up above. Interested in creating your own look with this palette? Follow this link.

Blush – It’s Back and Trending!

It was as early as the first century that women and men wore blush. Since the beginning of makeup, bright red blush was always used to add a pop of color to their cheeks. It was originally called Rouge and was applied as a thick paste. It was mainly made from produce such as strawberries and other red fruits. It was a sign of high status. Fast froward to today’s variety of brands for blush, there are enough shades that compliment many different types of skin tones. A popular bright colored blush is found at MAC Cosmetic’s and is called Vibrant Response. It is a sheer bright orange. This blush adds a bright color to your look and appears to awaken the face without washing out your skin. You can find this at MAC stores all over Canada. 

Overtime makeup has progressed from using beetles and produce to creating them from natural and safe ingredients that is not harsh on our skin. Egyptians were the first people to have invented makeup and today you see it all over the world in a variety of colors and pigments. Makeup is an art and a way of expressing oneself. Let’s step outside of the box and see what makeup looks we come up with using these bright colored products. Don’t be shy, there is something for everyone!

By: Melania Cammalleri