Our Infuse Team

Our INFUSE team consists of an inclusive, diverse, and creative group of Humber students to our 2022/2023 magazine issue the very best! We cover content on all things fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

Emelia Thompson | Editor in Chief

“I am so grateful to be leading this amazing team and pushing INFUSE to new heights”

Nathalie Gomez | Editoral Assistant

Sebastian Celestial | Photographer

Art Directors

Jamie Lynn Tuckett | Art Director

Claire Bobert | Assistant Art Director


Nusayabah Samrin | Project
Avneet Kaur Saluja| Social Media

Shayma Sarah | Content Manager/Website Coordinator

Content Writers

Allie Donovan

Abigail Puskas

Kayla Lazarovic

Social Media

Jade Florendo

Antonella Loza

Collin Panlilio

Hafsa farhan

Dana Dalgetty

Cara Macrae

Archita Chhetri

Kaly Nguyen

Tara Desic

Priyanka Chowdhury