Must-Have Jewellery For The Season From Modu Atelier

Written by: Haransh Saini 

By now we are sure you know how much we love discovering and bringing new, budding, and interesting brands into the limelight. But this time we chose to twist it up a bit.

Instead of telling you about an amazing sustainable loungewear brand or a brand creating the hottest girl next door pieces we thought to focus on some jewelry this time.

And we are so happy that Modu Atelier caught our eye! It’s one-stop to all things pretty, delicate, and elevated. The best part is that the pieces are affordable. One thing that puts us off is the price. Finding that perfect bracelet but having to skip on it because of its high price point can turn your dreamy shopping experience into a sad expedition. But we promise you, once you hop on to their website, not only will you be impressed by the everyday classic designs but the reasonable prices won’t hurt your pocket an inch! 

Well, enough of the price talks, let’s dive a bit into this stylish brand.


The brand was founded by Minju Kang and Caela Gillon. Both of them have a strong background and history in the fashion retail industry. Over years of having worked in different businesses, they eventually got together to build this diverse, inclusive, and female-driven business. 

Deeply rooted Inclusivity 

The inclusivity factor which they are extremely vocal about is also visible in their campaigns and how they address their business. The word MODU translates to ‘All’ ( in Korean ) so it becomes quite self-explanatory as to how much they value it and this is even directly correlated to their price point.

So we would say that the business is solely driven by three key traits – Inclusivity, Diversity, and Attainable prices.


Their vision is to convey meaning and depth through their everyday, classic jewelry pieces in people’s wardrobes. They also want to give people the space to express, explore and define themselves.

We abide by their vision because we for one strongly believe that jewellery can be the star and defining piece of an outfit! Many people also use key pieces in their collections to express themselves because in today’s time, a piece of jewelry has become more than just a pretty thing to wear. It’s more about the meaning attached to it – a form of expression and in some cases could also have a sentimental value associated with it. 

Below are just a few pieces from their collection that we adore apart from drooling over their entire website! 

Forever a hoops girl 

Love the strong, crisp look it gives.

Delicate Delight 

Add a pearl and it will look and feel precious!

Your Daisy Girl 

Isn’t this sooo cute!? The more dainty, the prettier it gets. 

Classic links 

We have seen links on almost every second fashionista and trust us it’s here to stay.

A Bold Statement 

The snake chain can be a good stand-alone piece especially when it’s allowed to peep through a crisp white shirt.

A Timeless Affair 

This beauty can be worn and left alone or layered with other necklace strands if you wish to add some volume to it.

Pretty heart 

Another one we have been loving a lot!!

Mix of Metals 

A strong mix of metals is always an eye catcher! Don’t you think? 

Pinky Please 

A cute signet can adorn your pinky gracefully. This pretty ring will surely do that and we even love the silver version of it.

Croissant shape 

Won’t lie but we have been a fan of this twist detail since a really long time.

Daisy Loop 

We are blaming them for the newfound love we have for all things daisy right now! 

A Key Classic

This needs to be in your everyday classics jewel box.

Delicate Detail 

Just a little detail can make all the difference.

So these are just a few key pieces that we feel should be in your every day, classics bucket from Modu Atelier. Do let us know which of the above are your favorite ones.