Minimalistic Fashion: Neutrals are the New Black

Read Time:2 Minute, 28 Second

Written by: Zoya Abbas

​Minimalistic fashion has its own charisma; its timeless, effortlessly chic, and with the right few pieces in your wardrobe, you can make plenty of outfits that will ensure you always look put together. There are a few key concepts to keep in mind when searching for the right pieces, let’s take a look.

1. Neutral Colour Palette

Various shades of brown and whites will be your best friends; chocolate brown, nude, beige, white, & the list goes on. Styled by @abbas.zoya on Instagram, this outfit is perfect whether you’re going off to work, shopping & lunch with the girls, or running errands. What’s beautiful about these earthy neutral tones is that they are always presentable regardless of the occasion and will enable you to create plenty of outfits with all the same few pieces. Not only does minimalistic fashion make you look effortlessly chic, but it also results in shopping more responsibly. Creating plenty of outfits with a few right pieces? We love a good sustainable fashion moment.

2. Solid Colour Pieces

One thing to be mindful of when shopping these neutral colours is to avoid prints and patterns. Styled by @paudictado on Instagram, this look displays how solid colour pieces have their own kind of beauty! Although prints can be the perfect touch to add a statement to outfits, it takes away from the beauty of simplicity in minimalistic fashion. Not only that, but patterns can also cause restrictions in the outfits we want to create. Remember, minimal fashion isn’t just about the timeless chic look, it’s also about being mindful of how many pieces of clothing we obtain. Keep it simple & versatile! 

3. Flowy and Comfortable 

Worn by no other than Miss Bella Hadid, this outfit is the perfect example of a flowy and comfortable minimalistic outfit. Now typically, minimalistic fashion can have many different variations when it comes to exactly how we style and fit our clothes. When it comes to what’s trending in this category of fashion however, flowy and comfortable is all the talk, from flowy trousers to button ups. Honestly, it doesn’t get better than this, chic & comfortable, sign us up! A little tip: men’s clothing makes the perfect oversized pieces for this particular look.

So, what’s your take in minimalistic fashion? Do you adore it as much as we do, or is bold patterns, prints and colours more like your cup of tea? At the end of the end, it’s all about what best expresses you, let us know in the comments about what your preference is.